Services for Tax Purposes

property tax appeals oregonCounty Tax Assessment departments mail property tax statements annually in the fall, and owners have the right to appeal the assessed value if they believe the Assessor's estimate is higher than market value. 

An appraisal prepared by a Duncan & Brown appraiser may assist an owner or representative in preparing a property tax appeal. Appraisals and reports performed for tax appeal purposes meet all Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and are tailored to address the specific concerns of the client, such as expanded discussion of sales analysis or detailed reporting of market comparables.

Duncan & Brown appraisers are also available to provide expert witness testimony and individualized consulting about the property tax appeal process.

Tax Deductible Donations

If real property, or an interest in real property, is donated to a qualified charitable organization, the donor may qualify for a tax deduction. IRS regulations are very specific regarding the valuation of property for donation purposes, particularly if the donation includes a Conservation Easement. We work closely with tax professionals to ensure that the process meets all federal regulations. If not completed correctly, the donation can be denied, resulting in potentially significant financial loss.


IRS Donation Rules for Real Estate

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